Vigna Contessa Luisa Ch.Class.Gran Selezione D.O.C.G. 2019

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The vineyard Contessa Luisa was planted by Ferrante Capponi in 1959. He dedicated this block to his mother Luisa Vonwiller and it is today the oldest vineyard still in production at Villa Calcinaia. The plot is located on a hill of about two hectares facing west, the only case on the Estate, which therefore enjoys the warmth of the afternoon sun. The soil is characterized by a strong clayey character and a good depth. Initially, as was customary, the American vines were planted in the ditches dug by hand, only later to be grafted with the Estate mass selection. The main varietal is Sangiovese, but along with it lives a small community of other varietals that make the vineyard population more diverse and vibrant.
The wine produced from this vineyard tends to have a very rich and opulent nose and to be characterized on the palate by an imposing tannic structure, probably resulting from the clayey nature of the soil.
Suitable for recipes such as braised meats or stews where the oil of the dish marries beautifully with the tannins of this Sangiovese.