Vigna Bastignano Ch.Class.Gran Selezione D.O.C.G. 2019

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Villa Calcinaia has undertaken over the last ten years a program to heighten the production of its Chianti Classico wines which has involved the renewal of most of its vineyards. Qualifying elements of the renewal program were and are the fulfilment and respectful restoration of the terraced land, thereby allowing for the vines to be planted following the contour line rather than the highEast incline. Another qualifying element is the recovery of the duly acknowledged historical clones of Sangiovese by examining individually each vine that was found on the plots of land originally ran by the sharecroppers. It was from this generation of vineyards, planted on a clayey and calcareous soil and surrounded by the big umbrella pine trees of the Bastignano holding, that, at the time of the 2006 vintage, the production of Chianti Classico wine of only Sangiovese was started. It is called Bastignano after the name of the holding on which the vineyards grow. The wine is a revealing and unusual expression of the warmth and the light of the ecological nook in which it grows.
One finds in Bastignano the light of a ruby, a sunny and spicy bouquet and a distinct soft elegance of taste.
Perfect with red meats and game, it is ideal as sipping wine.