Villa Calcinaia Sanforte I.G.T. 2019

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Grapes: 100% Sanforte

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Sangiovese Forte or Sanforte was mentioned for the first time by Villifranchi in 1773. If you were to compare it to Sangiovese, under the same conditions, Sanforte produces more bunches per plant and ripens earlier. Its name comes from its ability to accumulate sugar, which was a very important element for the farmers of the time in evaluating the wine. Because of this feature it was planted in the Lamole area, a particularly cool place with strong thermal excursions. Sanforte was and still is ideal for invigorating anemic Sangiovese cultivated in territories that sometimes represent a challenge to viticulture. TASTING NOTES The wine obtained from this grape maintains a great deal of elegance. Violet and undergrowth aromas, dark red cherry. FOOD PAIRING A very nice and easy drinking red, which pairs very well with, for example, the “baccalà alla livornese”.