Villa Calcinaia Mauvais Chapon Sangiovese Metodo Classico 2017

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Among the rolling hills of Villa Calcinaia there are a few particularly cool valleys.
When Sangiovese from these small passes is harvested very early, it’s youthful, aromatic vivacity is captured, and we have the perfect foundation for a sparkling wine.
Only free run juice from the first whole-cluster pressing is used.
This approach is atypical for Sangiovese, but is critical to achieve an elegant sparkling wine.
Vintage 2017, brut, 45 months sur lies; refined aromatics and bright, pure flavors are framed by playful acidity and tiny, elegant bubbles in this distinctive, sparkling wine.
It is an ideal companion to fish dishes, from sushi to fried calamari or shrimp.
It is also recommended with grilled fish, and will counter the sometimes slightly bitter notes from open fire cooking.